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How to use Instagram for a service-based business


Do you want to know about how to use Instagram for a service-based business? Instagram is, to quote Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy, “kind of  a big deal”. And its popularity in Australia is very much on the rise. As of January 2017, Instagram had 600m individual accounts, with 300m users logging on every day. These 300m […] Read more…

Top tips for increasing your traffic on Pinterest


I’m very pleased to welcome artist Sarah Renae Clark to the blog this week to talk tips for increasing your traffic on Pinterest!   Sarah is an artist, blogger and stay at home mum from Melbourne, Australia. She has published a number of adult colouring books (which are amazing, by the way!) and sells printable versions […] Read more…

Seven things about me


It’s always nice to know a bit about the person you’re working with, isn’t it? Here are seven things about me… 1. I didn’t mean to live in Perth! Working in the media industry during the global financial crisis was not fun. I was living in London, doing the work of three people due to […] Read more…

Five reasons to start your own business


Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? I certainly had, but it never seemed to be “the right time”. But when I got made redundant from my job as a marketing manager while on maternity leave, the decision was made for me. No more asking myself when I should start my own business – […] Read more…