It’s always nice to know a bit about the person you’re working with, isn’t it?

Here are seven things about me…

1. I didn’t mean to live in Perth!
Working in the media industry during the global financial crisis was not fun. I was living in London, doing the work of three people due to multiple redundancies, and I was really burnt out. My mum suggested that I go and travel again round Australia and New Zealand again as I’d loved it when I went there during my gap year, and I thought I’d swing via Perth on the way to Sydney as I’d met a few people from here over the years. Well, within a couple of weeks of landing here in 2010, Perth and its people had won my heart…and I never did make it back to Sydney. Seven years later, with a husband, son, dog and a house, looks like I’m staying! 

At the summit of Bluff Knoll
At the summit of Bluff Knoll

Perth and Western Australia get a bad rap for being boring and it’s not for everyone, but if you’re an “outside person” and prefer a relaxed pace of life you’ll love it! If you’re not from Perth (or hey, even if you are!) check out the Tourism Western Australia website to see the amazing place I’m proud to call home.


2. I am a total bookworm
I have LOVED books my whole life, and there are many childhood photos of me reading (with a hat on, for some reason). I will admit that since I’ve had my son I’m not quite the prolific reader that I was before, but I just love the escapism of books. It gives me huge pleasure to see my 18 month old enjoy books so much, just like his mum.

Always reading. Always wearing a hat. And apparently always in a box?

I absolutely love this poem by Bo Burnham. It really illustrates the power of reading for me:

"Magic" by Bo Burnham
“Magic” by Bo Burnham


3. My middle name is Eileen
These days I don’t really give it a second thought, but it felt like a curse as a teenager!
I can remember my French teacher asking me if I had a middle name one day and I actually pretended I didn’t have one… enter my friend Thom shouting, “YES, YOU DO! IT’S EILEEN!!!!” and the whole class starting to sing “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

I love that song now; it’s a TUNE, but it was the bane of my existence for several years. I’ve lost count of the number of times drunken friends called me at 3am while they were out clubbing because it had come on as the last song of the night…
Go on. Give it a play. You know you want to.


4. I love teapots
This one may not be surprising given the name of my business, but I really do love them! I think they’re really beautiful and they’re the only thing I collect. I also drink tea in indecent amounts – I think it’s an English thing! When I have a spare moment I’ve got a Pinterest board that I like to keep filled with lovely pictures of teapots…


5. I have a huge appreciation for tattoos and dream of getting a beautiful, floral piece…
…but I’ll probably never do it.

Probably. Maybe.

*Types #floraltattoo into Instagram*


6. I love accents and have great fun attempting to do them!
I’m really drawn to people with interesting accents. I’m pretty sure my stepdad made a particularly good impression on me the first time I met him because he’s a Yorkshireman. I swear my father-in-law’s South African lilt gives extra gravitas to everything he says. And the day I met my friend Hayley she won me over immediately not just with her lovely personality but with her gorgeous Liverpudlian accent. Fun fact: I’m quite good at impersonating accents, but can’t do an Australian one to save my life!


7. I love my job because I can be creative and help people at the same time
Some people are amazing painters, or incredible musicians… my “thing” is writing. It’s my main creative outlet and I feel very lucky that I can make a living from it at the same time as helping people get their business in front of their target audience. I find it immensely satisfying when a client lets me know how much of an impact I’ve helped them make on their business.
PS. Check out some lovely reviews here.


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