what-you-focus-on-expandsDo you have a tendency to focus on the negative things in your life, rather than on the positives?

I’m doing the Business School For Mums Mindset Challenge this week, and watched a video this morning in their private Facebook group which talked about a theory which really resonated with me:


If you focus on something negative, this will seem bigger in your mind and become a huge mental block for progression, not just business-wise but in your personal life. Maybe you’re comparing your business to another business who has more followers on Facebook, or comparing yourself to that thinner, prettier girl whose house is bigger than yours.

On the other side of the coin, if you focus on positive things in your life/business, you will be propelled to keep going, appreciate what you have achieved and be a happier person. For example, I’ve worked really hard to get genuine followers on Instagram and get authentic engagement, and I’ve just hit 300 followers. I’m really proud of this – and so I’m motivated to keep working hard. 

I’m definitely a “glass half-full” kind of girl and do naturally focus on the positives, but this still made me think about what I might be focusing in my life on that’s negative – and what I’m making expand in my mind.


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