What’s your unique Point of Difference? Do you offer a product or service that nobody else does?


My Point of Difference is ME!

Yep, that’s right: there are plenty of marketing consultants, copywriters and social media managers out there, but nobody can be ME.

See this woman with a cheesy grin? That’s me, Zoë Arpin!


I’m English. I’m silly. I’m obsessed with tea and teapots and dinosaurs.

I love a good pun.



I’m funny and a bit eccentric and I love writing.

I was raised, with my sister, by a strong single mother. I love learning from people. I’m a prolific reader.

I’ve got a cheesy grin on my face 90% of the time. I love bright colours. 

I’m really enthusiastic about my clients and their businesses. I’ll chat about small business marketing for hours. 

I believe all mums are just trying to do their best – and I’ll defend to the death any woman who is criticised for breastfeeding in public! I LOVE this Hollie McNish poem:

I’m also, like many of my lovely clients, a tired mum who is juggling my business with family life.

This means that I don’t have to miss out on precious moments, but at the same time can financially contribute to the household and have a much-needed creative outlet.

I love to take away the stress of marketing for small business owners like you, so you can focus on your family – and on yourself. Because we all need a bit of a break sometimes.

My little family. Fletch was delighted to be out with his parents…


These are just some of the things that makes me… ME.

I can’t be anyone else. But my clients will tell you all those things make a pretty good mix...

What’s your Point of Difference?

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