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What does the latest Facebook announcement mean for small business owners?


Don’t panic! “ We built Facebook to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. That’s why we’ve always put friends and family at the core of the experience. Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being and happiness. But recently we’ve gotten feedback from our […] Read more…

What’s your Point of Difference?


What’s your unique Point of Difference? Do you offer a product or service that nobody else does?   My Point of Difference is ME! Yep, that’s right: there are plenty of marketing consultants, copywriters and social media managers out there, but nobody can be ME.   I’m English. I’m silly. I’m obsessed with tea and […] Read more…

10 ways to increase engagement on your Facebook business page


Make those algorithms work for you; not against you! If you run an established Facebook business page, you will have almost certainly noticed that getting people to engage with (like, comment, or share) your posts has got a bit more difficult as time has gone on. It’s easy to understand why: there is so much content […] Read more…

5 productivity tools I use for my business


I can be a bit funny about technology. I love it, but also hate it. I think many of us feel the same way. I hate Kindles. REAL BOOKS FOREVER! But I can lose an hour putting together interior design boards on Pinterest for my non-existent cabin in the woods. And I’ve tried all the […] Read more…

Does your business need a newsletter?


A business newsletter is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing “toolbox.” Why? Because anyone who has signed up to your newsletter is a “warm contact”; in other words, they are already interested in the service you offer or the product you sell and have signed up because they want to learn more. […] Read more…

Would the child you were like the adult you’ve become?


Someone I really admire in my professional field is the most excellent Kate Toon. Kate is a copywriter and SEO expert who is very successful but very down to earth about it – and she’s also very quirky which leads to very funny blog posts. Oh, and she’s written an amazing book about being a […] Read more…

What you focus on EXPANDS


Do you have a tendency to focus on the negative things in your life, rather than on the positives? I’m doing the Business School For Mums Mindset Challenge this week, and watched a video this morning in their private Facebook group which talked about a theory which really resonated with me: WHAT YOU FOCUS ON […] Read more…

Outsourcing myths busted!


Are you curious about outsourcing parts of yours business, but have reservations? A few weeks ago I wrote a guest blog post for Mel Daniels at Meld Business Services – and she has very kindly returned the favour! Mel provides tailored solutions to help you build and love your business again. There’s more on that […] Read more…