does-your-business-need-a-newsletterA business newsletter is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing “toolbox.”

Why? Because anyone who has signed up to your newsletter is a “warm contact”; in other words, they are already interested in the service you offer or the product you sell and have signed up because they want to learn more. Good news!

Whether you’ve got 20 staff working under you or you’re a stay at home mum who works her heart out on her business after the kids have gone to bed, every business has something to say and a newsletter is a fantastic platform to get your business out there.


1. You can reach the people who missed your posts on social media.

At the moment Facebook and Instagram are making major changes to the algorithms which determine what content your followers will see in their feeds.

For example, your Facebook posts currently reach only 10% of the people who have liked your page. And on average only 5% of those people reached engage with your content (for those like me who aren’t crash-hot with numbers, if you have 1000 people who like your page, only 100 of them will see your posts in the first place, and only 5 will engage with the posts). I’ll write a blog post on this soon, but essentially Facebook and Instagram are making it harder for free content to appear in your newsfeed because they want you to pay for it through advertising.

If 300 of those people who like your page are also signed up to your newsletter, all 300 people will see your content.  Send out a newsletter rounding up your very best content and news and you can be sure that everyone will see it. You don’t have to cut through the noise of social media: you’re going direct to your target audience.

So don’t forget to mention your newsletter in your posts and encourage more sign-ups!


2. You will establish a long-term, positive relationship with your clients (and future clients)

By checking in with your database regularly (but not too regularly – I advise once a month as a general rule), you’re not only keeping them up to date with your latest news but  – by sending them information which provides value, such as links to some of your recent blog posts –  you are staying on their radar without being too “salesy” and annoying.


3. You can increase traffic to your website

Grab the interest of your readers by including an excerpt of something that’s on your website (such as a blog post or service page) and then link to that page on your site. If your website is informative and pleasant to look around, hopefully they’ll stay a while and see what else you have to say.


4 .Newsletters are a brilliant way of increasing brand awareness.

Every time you send a email, your readers are (often subconsciously) taking in your branding and hopefully storing it in their brain for future reference. I’ve been amazed by how many people have gone out of their way to tell me how much they like the yellow teapot that forms the cornerstone of my branding. And every month, when I sent out my own newsletter, my readers get to see it again.


5 .A newsletter gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert

By providing your readers with content that is of value to them (e.g. telling them how to do something, or showcasing a product which would make their life better), you will become in their minds the go-to person for your area of expertise. For example, I’ve received several enquiries for social media management services off the back of a post I wrote on Instagram and then promoted through one of my newsletters.


6. It’s not as difficult as you might think!

With a little practice, using an email platform such as Mailchimp (my weapon of choice!) gets less time consuming each time you do it. These platforms are very intuitive and even if you have no design experience you can make your business newsletter look really professional and slick. However, if you are seriously short of time or writing and faffing around with email templates just isn’t your thing, you can always outsource it.

[FYI… I absolutely LOVE producing newsletters for businesses! Give me a shout if you’d like some help with yours]


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