teapot-communications-marketing-serviceHello! If you’ve come to this page, I’m guessing that you’ve come to see what kind of marketing services I offer because your business needs some marketing magic.

Business owners come to me for help with marketing for various reasons.

  • They don’t know where or how to start.
  • They don’t have time on top of their day job.
  • They’d like a bit of support and guidance – maybe some training.
  • They just want someone else to do it for them (because it’s not their “thing”).

Even though it’s really important, it can still be tough finding the time, energy or enthusiasm to work on the marketing side of things on top of everything else involved in running your business. That’s where I come in.

Perhaps you just need a bit of help establishing an email newsletter, or setting up a client survey. Someone to take care of the bits and pieces that you just can’t fit into your working day.

Or maybe you’d really like to get involved in the marketing aspect of your business, but need some training on social media platforms, or on how to write a blog post. You know, get a bit of support.

You might even be looking to outsource your marketing activities so that you can focus on your job without having to worry about Facebook or Instagram or blogs. In that case, HELLO!

I like to think of myself as a one woman, outsourced marketing department. I can help as much or as little as you need!

Marketing services that I offer include:
  • Copywriting (content management, blog posts, brochures articles, eBooks etc)
  • Social media management
  • Website evaluation (including Google Analytics analysis)
  • Social media training
  • Events management

Whatever your marketing requirements…. if it’s not your cup of tea, leave it to me!

If you have a small business and would like some help with marketing, get in touch.